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We are working to change the way indie films are made

Easily raise money for or fund indie films projects, powered by BitClout

  • FilmClout is a project by BlockFilms.
  • BlockFilms started prior to 2018 as a concept of using Bitcoin smart contracts to crowdfund indie films.
  • FilmClout is a similar concept, but this is powered by BitClout and creator coins instead.

The pitch process needs to be much simpler

It is becoming more and more expensive to pitch an indie film, get an agent, and really make the connections you need.

  • Stop preventing good films from being made
  • Simplify and streamline crowdsourcing for your film
  • Even potentially offer perks or badges in relation to your film

Features designed for you

We are working on a way to efficiently support indie films and at the same time disrupt the entertainment industry. This has led to multiple target areas.

Support Indie Films

Help support indie films and democratize the film making process. FilmClout aims to be a tool that inspires creators everywhere.

Accept FilmClout for Gigs

We have sought out many actors and actresses who are onboard w/ the concept of getting paid in BitClout as a utility.

FilmClout for Movie Passes

We're interested in potentially working with partners who are interested in using FilmClout for movie passes and film screenings.


This is our current selection of indie films. We aim to be a go-to destination for supporting indie film projects. You can see what type of productions we are looking for from the below.

Help & Support

Please consider this technology experimental. Any actions that you decide to do are at your own risk. Please don't take any of what is said here as meant for investment or investment advice. Treat this as if it is a concept or even utility. That being said, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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We think that the film industry could be more democratized, and leave rooom for the ways many talented creators could potentially be noticed.